Aam Ras

It has a long history in Maharashtra; it is consumed with poori (puri) or chapati. Aam means mango, and ras means Juice of it in Sanskrit.

Famous Marathi dessert or cuisine. Will be prepared nearly in all Maharashtrian homes on Akshay Tritiya. It said that Chaitra starts from here. It should begin with Aamras with puri and Kurdai (traditional Marathi sun-dried papad type recipe).

It has a place of origin as India, associated with most of the Asian sub-continental countries. They are Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, and some parts of Nepal.

Aam Ras

Loved by Marathi, Marwari, Gujarati, Konkani people mostly. The recipe varies as per all of them, Maharashtrian will say it as aamras.

At the same time, Gujarati aamras, Jain, will call Keri no ras, While Marwari will get Aamras with Kesar.

Aamras Puri

Hence it is a pulp of ripe mango extracted and hand peeled. Added with milk, ghee, sugar if required or jaggery, Saffron strands, add cardamom powder, nutmeg powder is optional.

Generally, at our home process, prepared and kept in the fridge for cooling for two to three hours (Nobody can wait actually for so long with ready, but you have to as mummy has a strict watch on what we are doing). Mummy will prepare hot poories and served with poori and mango pulp.

She will fry it and give poori and Aam ras there is nothing else on that meal other than both of these cuisines. You will always feel pampered as an option. You can try hot phulka.

In Maharashtra and Gujarat, if someone is getting married in Summer, you will always find this delicacy with puri as a dessert or one of the busy dishes. You will find lots of people around that counter to have it.

In a simple language, Mango Recipe or Alphonso Mango Aam Ras or mango juice or sweet mango puree in western style with Indian bread or mango pulp, Mango nectar.

You can call it anything, but it is a tasty summer delight and full meal you just have consumed one after another.

Even a diabetic can have it if you sometimes refer to Dr. Rutuja Diwekar or Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhary.

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