Ahmad Shah’s Mosque

Ahmed Shah’s Mosque was built in 1414 for the sultan and nobles within Ahmedabad’s original citadel. The prayer hall is a forest of beautifully carved stone pillars and jali screens, and its elaborately carved ceiling has a circular symmetry reminiscent of Hindu and Jain temples. The mosque stands on an area of 700 square metres and has two rows of ten mammoth domes. More than 150 pillars and four arched gateways support the mosque. Other spectacular features include eight perforated stone windows and 25 fine carved pillars. A white marble pavement runs around the mosque, while the pulpit has a yellow balustrade carved in a beautiful leaf pattern. The most fascinating feature is a mound called Ganj Shahid, which commemorates warriors who died in Sultan Ahmed’s early fights.

Ahmed Shah’s mosque was constructed in 1414, as part of the Emperor’s grand architectural vision for the city. An inscription on the central mihrab points to the date when the foundation was laid – the 4th day of Shawwal month 817 AD, which is 17 December 1414.

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