Badshah No Haziro

Ahmed Shah’s Tomb, locally known as Badshah no Hajiro or Raja no Hajiro, is a medieval mosque and the group of tombs in Ahmedabad, India. Ahmed Shah’s mosque is situated close to Jama Mosque and Manek Chowk.

Burial places assume special religious significance amid Muslims and some of their burial places are today among the hotspot tourist destinations in the country largely due to their exotic locations and exquisite architecture. At Badshah no Hajiro, which was buit in the year 1446, rest the mortal remains of the founder of Ahmedabad, Ahmed Shah I. The place is located to the western side of Manek Chowk, just outside the eastern gate of Jama Masjid. The place’s architecture is in the shape of a square, which has porticos around it. The windows are perforated and the carvings on them are breathtaking. The cenotaphs of Ahmed Shah’s son Muhammad Shah and grandson Qutbuddin Ahmed Shah III are also located at this place.

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