BAPS Sri Swaminarayan Mandir

Bhagwan Swaminarayan first came to Amdavad as Nilkanth Varni in 1799 and stayed at Lake Kankaria. He visited the city many times, often celebrating the Fuldol festival here. He often bathed in the Sabarmati river, passing by a fruit orchard in the area known as Shahibaug. Bhagwan Swaminarayan gave darshan to a devotee, Ashabhai, that a true upasana mandir would soon sprout in Amdavad. It was also Shastriji Maharaj’s desire to build a Temple of Akshar Purushottam in Amdavad. To this end, an old bungalow was purchased in the Shahibaug area, the fruit orchard that had been sanctified by Lord Swaminarayan. The bungalow became a small mandir of Hari and a small image of Lalji Maharaj was installed. On this site, Yogiji Maharaj later built a mandir of 5 towers and fulfilled the wish of his guru.

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