Bhuj – Marvel At Interior Designs

Most important town of the Kutch region, Bhuj is a fascinating tourist attraction with amazing handicrafts and gigantic palaces that possess an eerie beauty. Famous Historians says that Bhuj got its name from the mountain range, Bhujiyo Dungar hillock that overlooks the city about 3 km from the city center. The city is a paradise for those who love to shop a lot as the bazaars of Bhuj are known for its beautiful handicrafts and jewelry work. Famous places where tourists can visit on a trip to Bhuj – magnificent Aina Mahal, bell tower Parag Mahal, Kutch museum, which is believed to be the oldest museum in the region and Hamirsar Lake. The royal cenotaphs, the Swaminarayan temple, and the bazaar are some places that still stand.

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