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Royal Chhatardis of Bhuj are also known as royal Chattris or Cenotaphs. They are basically monuments dedicated to the lives of warrior Rajput rulers of the Rann. There was a lot of information about the lifestyles of the Maharao clan in these Chattris. Tourists and history lovers frequent these monuments to relive the grand history associated with them. The Chattris were supposed to provide relief and shade to the royals after their death as they embarked on their last journey. Care was taken to ensure that all Chattris were spaced out in the Rann and there is at least 7 km minimum distance between each Chattri and the next object. The last rites of all ruling members of the Rajor dynasty were done in these Chhatardis. There is a very interesting legend about Raja Lakhpat who passed away in 1796. He has 15 wives and all of them committed Sati after his pyre was burnt. The main hall inside Maharao Lakhpat’s Chhatardis has his statue along with the statues of his 15 queens’ lies inside his Chhatardi or Cenotaph.

How to get there

By road: For those traveling from Ahmedabad, the bus may be more convenient than the train, though slightly more expensive. Several private companies run sleeper buses (with a full horizontal bunk), leaving the city for Bhuj between 8pm and 11pm, arriving in Bhuj between 6am and 8am the next morning. These bus companies all have their offices around Paldi in Ahmedabad; Sahjanand Travels and Patel Travels are two recommended ones. There are also private sitting (non-sleeper) buses, and ST (State Transport) buses that make the trip for less money but considerably less comfortable seats. Once in Bhuj, ST buses go to larger destinations around the district, private jeeps can also be rented (a good option for larger parties), and some smaller places can only be reached by chhakdas.

By Rail: Two daily express trains, the Bhuj Express and the Kutch Express go from Bhuj to Ahmedabad (8hrs) and on to Mumbai (16hrs.) However, both trains pass through Ahmedabad in the middle of the night, as the schedules are designed to depart and arrive and reasonable hours from Bhuj and Mumbai, not Ahmedabad.

By Air: One or more flights daily connect Bhuj to Mumbai.

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