If you are in Gujarat and a big lover of forts, monuments and other historical structures which depict the richness of Indian history, then you should visit the Darbargadh Fort in Porbandar. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular forts in India and has the reputation of being very important with respect to history as well as enormity. The massive fort used to be an old palace which reminded of Rana Sartanji who was the ruler of the place. It is one of the structures which correctly represent the royal enclosures present in Gujarat. You can find edifices on the western part of the stone entrance which are equipped with courtyards besides elements delicately carved from wood.

The Rich Architecture of Darbargadh Fort

The complete building is laden with ancient richness and architectural exuberance and you can experience them as soon as you enter this structure. The fort has a big entrance carved out of a big stone and is housed with richness at each corner. The presence of big doors made of wood and high turrets certainly increase the fort’s appeal to a great extent. It is designed with four chief gates, three small gates or locally known as baris and a number of bastions. You can also find sculptures belonging to complicated geometric structures, lions in various poses, decorative kanguras, carved pillars and musicians which enhance the attraction of the facade. It has a profusely crafted pillar as well.

The Structure of Darbargadh Fort

The Darbargadh Fort in Porbandar is based on an arena which has a decent amount of height. It has 3 different storeys, each of which signifies a particular reason. The different kinds of gates make it appear more beautiful and every one of them has been built with some significance. These gates play a great role in increasing the mystery existing behind the majestic structure a lot. Porbandar has undoubtedly seen a lot of developments in the past few years, thanks to the mighty government.

There has been a significant boost in the transport facilities existing in the city and you don’t have to face any hardship for accessing the mighty and beautiful fort at Darbargadh. The area is equipped with different kinds of restaurants and hotels so that you can easily relax at any one of them and plan your visit appropriately. The presence of a number of tourist attractions in the surround sites makes this Fort more worthy of a visit.

The Darbagadh is located in the middle of a large courtyard. The four chief gates located inside the fort include the Halar Gate located in the north, Junagadh gate situated in the south, Kathiawadi Darwaja on the east and Porbandar Gate on the west. The three baris or smaller gates include Bhimji Bari, Sati Bari and Darbari Bari. Designed using a jharokha housed on 4 statues showing elephants in various poses, the last Bari looks extremely intriguing. All these features impart an imposing structure to the Darbargadh Fort in Porbandar and make it a must visit place whenever you are in this part of the country.

How to get there

By Road: The city also has ample state and private bus services from major connections in the state.

By Rail: The city also has a railway station from major connections in the state.

By Air: Porbandar has a domestic airport which has reasonable connectivity to cities in India.

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