Jhanjhari Waterfall – Magical Spot

The Zanzari waterfall is on Vatrak River. This falls is a series of rapids. The actual falls is 25 feet high with a lot of rocks, boulders and craters. The falls is near Dehgam past Zanzari village in the district of Kheda, Gujarat. The Zanzari Waterfalls is also known as Jhanjhari Waterfalls. This falls is a one day get away from Ahmedabad.

This is not a perennial waterfall but is in full flow during monsoons. The water during and immediately after the monsoons is treacherous as the current will be swift. During summer, the river is reduced to a stream and there are places to sit and enjoy the scenery.

There is an ancient Kedareshwar Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva in the parking area. During monsoons, the sound of water sloshing down the falls can be heard from afar.


Apart from enjoying the falls, reaching the falls on the back of a camel will be an additional attraction. It is a great place for photography especially for the nature lovers. The waterfall is quite far away from the parking place and visitors will either have to take the camel ride or trek it to the falls. The path is filled with boulders and rocks and the going is a bit tricky.

Best Time

The best time to visit the falls is from September to February. This will be after the monsoons and the radiant freshness will be found there. Summer is generally hot and torrid and will not be advisable. Temperature in summer may be anywhere between 320C and 450C. The falls are generally are busy on holidays. Winters are cold and visitors are required to carry jackets. The average temperature in January is around 200C.

Getting There

Zanzari Waterfalls is 80 kms. from Ahmedabad and 57 kms. from Gandhinagar. The falls is a 3 kms. trek from the parking place. The nearest town is Dehgam, which is 35 kms. from the falls. The nearest airport is in Ahmedabad .The major railway station is also in Ahmedabad although there is a smaller station at Dehgam. There are roads connecting the waterfalls to the nearest towns. Buses ply between the Zanzari village to the nearest towns. The towns are connected to major cities by the State and National Highways. It is better to hire a vehicle from Ahmedabad.


There are no hotels or resorts near this waterfall. Visitors are advised to check hotels in Ahmedabad. There are hotels in Ahmedabad that will suit the budgets of all visitors. There are no eateries in the vicinity of the waterfall. However, there is a small shop that provides millet bread and vegetable curry.

Places To Stay: NA

Things To Do: Indulge in adventures, photography, nature walk

Places To Visit: N

Location: Vatrak River, Near Dehgam, Zanzari Village, Kheda, Gujarat 387411, India

How To Reach: The waterfalls are located around 2 hours from Ahmedabad. One can hire a taxi or take a private vehicle. One needs to take the village road from SH 6 to reach the falls.

Famous For: Refreshing getaway

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