Jubilee Garden

Situated aptly in the heart of city, Jubilee Garden is the epicenter of tourist activities of this area. Its large amusement park attracts toddlers and elders alike while its scenic beauty is invigorating to spend some quality time. For people of all ages, Jubilee Garden in Rajkot has something to offer. In fact, it is one of the most popular and preferred tourist destinations in the city. It houses the famous Watson Museum, Lang Library, and Connaught Hall with many other interesting places located in its proximity. As such, Jubilee Garden serves as the center of tourism in this city. Jubilee Garden is an important part of the rich history of Rajkot. Interestingly, the garden was laid down after establishment of Watson Museum in 1888. It was developed as a garden during the colonial times itself and with passage of time, various activities were added to this wonderful place making it an admirable picnic spot of Rajkot.

How to get there

By Road: The Nearest Town Vinchhiya (3 km) and the nearest bus station is Jasdan (15 km).

By Rail: The Nearest Railway stations are: Botad 45 km and Gondal 66 km.

By Air: The Nearest airports are Rajkot (77 km) and Ahmedabad (200 km approximately).

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