Juwar Rotla

Jowar roti recipe with step by step pics – Jowar roti or jowar bhakri Are healthy traditional flatbreads made with sorghum flour. These rotis are also called as Jolada rotti in Karnataka. These flatbreads are vegan and gluten-free.

Sorghum is a healthy millet that is good in minerals like calcium, potassium, phosphorus and iron. Being rich in antioxidants, its good for the heart too and is diabetic friendly. Jowar is also an excellent gluten free flour.

Jowar roti has a nice soft texture and even on cooling do not become hard or chewy. On my visits to some parts of maharashtra, we were served jowar roti in a thali with pitla (a thick but moist gram flour paste spiced dish) and green chili thecha (coarse green chili & garlic chutney). It can also be served with zunka (a dry version of pitla).

Usually when I make bajra or jowar roti, I also make a Maharashtrian based curry to go with it like batata rassa, vangi rassa, mixed sprouts curry, veg Kolhapuri, bharli vangi or usal. This time I served with mixed sprouts usal.

I make these millet and gluten free rotis season wise. In summers I make jowar roti & Ragi roti. in winters & monsoon I make Makki ki roti (maize flour flat bread) And Bajra roti (pearl millet flatbread). and when we fast during some days, I make rajgira paratha (amaranth flour flat bread) or kuttu ka paratha (buckwheat flour flat bread).

These jowar bhakri are fairly easy to make if you have the practice. I make them a couple of times in a month. I make small to medium sized rotis as I am not good in making large rotis.

The jowar roti can be served with any veggie gravy dish. They also taste good with a dry chutney like peanut thecha.

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