Kusum Vilas Palace

Kusum Vilas Palace was the grand residential place for the Royal Maharawal of the Chota Udepur. Currently it serves as a tourist place and a heritage hotel by its state tourism department. It is the 20th century built palace in touches of the 12h century art forms. It has modern amenities of the present days. It’s a great place to visit at an affordable price due to government owned palace. It is situated at the Chotta Udepur City, Vadodra District of Gujarat State in India.

Kusum Vilas Palace Architecture

Kusum Vilas Palace is centrally placed in the 40 acres of land area. Its soul architects were the renowned builders named as the Bhatkar and Bhatkar ltd. They have constructed this palace in the modern city for the Royal peoples. So they have taken care of the royal touches in and around this entire structure. There are up to 1-4 stories in this building. It has got centrally placed vast complexes with a high enclosed dome in the centre. This portion has a unique spiral steps leading to its dome area. There is pillared entrance on its all four sides. The palace welcomes you from a huge Iron bar gate. The palace structure has many turret windows, balconies, terrace and spacious pillared verandahs. Inside there are spacious living room, dining room, drawing room, games room and many other small hall used for various purposes. It interior has a royal touches of those found in the medieval times. Its ceiling, pillars and walls are very beautifully carved in various designs. It has finest Italian marble works inside this palace. Its interior are filled with imported furniture’s, this add beauty of the European style in this palace. There are glasses imported from Belgium and the royal antiques are kept at many places. It has very fine marble stone carved sculptures kept inside this palace adding a very rich looks. There are many paintings fixed on its walls making its hall in royal looks. This palace is built with natural ventilation and maximum day light enter this building in the day time. It has got a very vast open land out of this palace. This has a very lovely garden in it. There are also few small complexes built here to serve the needs of the palace domestic workers and other out sourced staffs. There is a giant fountain with a rising women built of pure marble found here. This is an exciting masterpiece of marble work.

Kusum Vilas Palace History

Kusum Vilas Palace was built in 1920’s to accommodate the families of the Royal Maharawals. They were the rulers of this Chota Udepur from 1762 Ad to 1947 AD. They come under the Princely States of Gujarat. Its first ruler was Arsisinhji. This Chota Udepur was founded by the Rawal Udeysinhji. He was the descendant of the Chavda Dynasty of Champaner. In the British India rule these royal decentness lived here. After independence of India the princely states were dissolved and Indi became of Republic. After independence this palace was taken by the state tourist department and converted it as heritage hotel. This is also a tourist place and many tourists come here to stay in this heritage hotel. Since, it has the royal comforts that are very rear to get in the modern hotel industry. This is an economy heritage hotel in Vadodara.

Kusum Vilas Palace Tourism Importance

Kusum Vilas Palace is a magnificent palace worth to see. It is an economy heritage hotel and a stay here will amaze you with its full luxury and architectural aspects. These are really breath taking to see, which is built in the modern days with art work of medieval times.

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