Lakhota Fort – In The Heart Of A Lake

The Lakhota Fort is a particular monument that is located in the Jamnagar region of the Indian state of Gujarat. The place i.e. Jamnagar is one of the most talked about places in Gujarat owing to its beauty and grandeur as a tourism destination. To be more precise it can be said that the city of Jamnagar has a blend of rich cultural values and heritage of the state which can be further be depicted from the existence of the fort.

Lakhota Fort Architecture

This particular palace is blessed with an impressive architectural design. It has designs in the interior and the exterior that are deemed to be quite attractive. Within the palace there is Koath Bastion which was once used by the rulers of the Jam dynasty for the purpose of dealing with external threats. There is a well placed inside the palace courtyard which was the primary source of water of the people living there. However, it is often argued that the initial structure was built by the Nawangar dictators. The palace is located at a near distance from the Ranmal River which runs across the city. Within the fort, there are collections of numerous weapons, coins other artistic material relevant to the period between 8th to 16th century. All these remnants are showcased in the museum that is located attached to the palace. There are royal chairs inside the palace which is believed to be utilized by King Jamsaheb who was one of most popular rulers in Jam dynasty. A legacy of the influence of the rulers of the Jam dynasty can be seen in the interior and exterior design of the palace.

Lakhota Fort History

The place as well as the fort has a long rich history associated with it. There are large numbers of forts and monuments that can be found in Jamnagar apart from the Lakhota Palace. The history of the fort date back to the 8th century which largely being determined from the artefacts and remnants that can be found in the place. The artefact that has been mentioned depicts the historical background of the place from the 8th century to the 18th century. It is believed that the palace was being used by the raja and maharajas during their rule to store their armoury and weapons. It has also been noted that the palace was established by the royal family of Jamnagar who also used the palace as a residence for a brief time period. Understanding, the history of the palace precisely suggested that the establishment of the palace is mainly credited to the rulers of the Jam dynasty i.e. Jam Rawal. He was also the member of one of the most reputed royal of the state during that particular period. In course of time the palace was renovated to preserve its beauty for a longer duration.

Lakhota Fort Tourism Importance

With regard to tourism, the place i.e. Jamnagar has its own importance owing to its historical significance and for being one of the oldest cities in the state. It has been analyzed that there are large number of historical forts and monuments in the place that can be regarded as important with regard to the tourism sector. There is a large garden in front of the palace that further enhanced the beauty of the palace. People visiting the palace will certainly have the opportunity to spend quality time in the cool and calm environment surrounding the palace.

Places To Stay: Hotel Aram, 7 Seasons Resort & Spa, Hotel Fortune Palace

Things To Do: Visit fort and museum

Places To Visit: Khijadia Bird Sanctuary, Lakhota Lake, Pirotan Island

Location: Ranmal Lake, Jamnagar, Gujarat 361001, India

How To Reach: Jamnagar is easily accessible by roadways. One can find buses from various parts of Gujarat including Rajkot, Bhuj, Dwarka, Somnath, Porbandar, and more.

Famous For: Historical sites

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