Lalpari Lake

At a distance of 6 km from Rajkot Junction, Lal Pari Lake is a picturesque natural lake located in the outskirts of Rajkot, Gujarat. It is one of the popular picnic spots for the travelers and among the best Rajkot Tourist Places.

Lake Lal Pari was constructed by the erstwhile rulers of Rajkot state in 1895. It was a part of Victoria Golden Jubilee Water Works. The lake gets its water from Lal Pari River, one of the smaller tributaries of Aji River. The big Lal Pari Lake offers a place for people to come and explore the beauty of nature in a surreal way. One can also visit Randarda Lake located nearby. Relatively smaller in size at 0.9 Sq. km, it gets its water from the surrounding hillocks and the surplus runoffs from Aji Dam built to its south.

The Lal Pari Lake is especially popular among bird-watchers and nature photographers, due to the vast number of birds that visit the lake every year. Few of these birds are the Rosy Pastors, Purple Moorhen, the Black tailed Godwit, Spoonbills, Wigeon, common teal, Pelican among many others. Also, the place looks more beautiful during sunrise and sunsets. Besides, there is also a zoo called Pradyuman Zoological Gardens on the banks of the lake. The zoo has a very large area with open enclosures for the tigers as well as for various other herbivores.

Best time to visit the place would be during the mornings and evenings, when the cool breeze of the lake enhances the atmosphere and gives a tranquil feel to the visitors. The place is generally well kept and clean.

How to get there

By Road: The Nearest Town Vinchhiya (3 km) and the nearest bus station is Jasdan (15 km).

By Rail: The Nearest Railway stations are: Botad 45 km and Gondal 66 km.

By Air: The Nearest airports are Rajkot (77 km) and Ahmedabad (200 km approximately).

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