Magen Abraham Synagogue

About the location: The 1934 established synagogue is the only one in Gujarat. Built on the tenets of Indo-Judaica architectural form, it showcases an Art Deco style with marble floors, a large arch, movable pews, and Grecian pillars supporting a triangular roof. The Ark contains multiple Torahs of different sizes. There is a separate women’s balcony. The synagogue is adorned with Grecian pillars that support the triangular roof and high ceiling. Visitors can see religious artefacts including artistic grills, stained glass windows and chandeliers in the synagogue.

Brief History: The synagogue was built in 1934 with donations from members of the Bene Israel Jewish community of the state and stands as an important and iconic heritage emblem of the city. The corner stone of the structure was laid on 19 October 1933 by Abigailbai Benjamin Issac Bhonker and it was consecrated on 2 September 1934. The Parsi Fire Temple at Bukhara Mohulla in Khamasa right opposite the synagogue and the structure itself are symbols of religious diversity in the city.

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