Rampara Wildlife Sanctuary

Rampara Wildlife Sanctuary is the wooded area in an arid zone otherwise devoid of any noteworthy tree growth. The shrubby land interspersed with patches of grasses, harbours large number of species of plants, birds and mammals. This was declared a sanctuary in November 1988. The terrain is plain in the middle of the sanctuary and rising and falling elsewhere. The hillocks on the fringes mark the boundary of the area. The sanctuary is an important area for the preservation of over 280 species of plants, over 130 species of birds and more than 20 species of mammals and equal number of bird species and many reptiles.

The watchtower on an elevated land area in the central part of the area provides the opportunity to the tourists to have full view of the sanctuary. One could see two streams with gushing water and quenching the thirst of the water-scarce land in the sanctuary.

Look out for: Partridge, Ring Dove, Large Grey Babbler, Purple Sunbird and Yellow Throated Sparrow.

Be one of few to record: Lesser Florican.

Seasons: Winter

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