Sudama Mandir

Sudama Temple is a Hindu temple in Gujarat, dedicated to Sudama, the childhood friend of Lord Krishna. This is built in a simple style but is immensely revered by all the newly married Rajput couples.

Location of Sudama Temple

Sudama Temple is one of the revered sites of Porbandar District, Gujarat. Located at the centre of Porbandar, it is one exceptional temple in India which is dedicated to this great devotee of Lord Krishna.

Dedication of Sudama Temple

Sudama Temple is dedicated to Sudama who was the childhood friend of Lord Krishna. This temple is often visited by thousands of devotees particularly the newly married Rajasthani Kshatriya couples who visit the temple to take the blessing.

Architecture of Sudama Temple

Sudama Temple was constructed in 1902 and 1907 at the centre of the city. It is one of the historically significant sites in Gujarat. The construction of the temple was hampered to some extend by the depletion of the funds. As the money was less it was raised by collecting donations and organizing dramas to raise the fund. All the rich traders contributed funds which can be used in the construction of the temple. Though the architecture is not too lavish yet it is one of the well built temples of Porbandar which is often visited by thousands of tourists and devotees. Sudama Temple was built with white marble this temple has a number of carved pillars which decorate the temple. Open from all sides this temple has a shikhara which is decorated with splendid architecture and carvings. These carvings of Sudama Temple are also visible above the pillars and the arches which adjoin the pillars. With such architecture this temple is dedicated to the shrine of Sudama whish is built in simple structure. The temple is supposed to include a floor which is so made that if anyone can successfully cross the floor then all his sins shall be excused. This temple was mainly constructed after the ruler of this dynasty was badly injured.

Statue of Shri Ram Devji Jethwa

The statue of Shri Ram Devji Jethwa stands inside Sudama Temple. Shri Ram Devji Jethwa was the ruler of the Jethwa dynasty under whose initiative the temple was constructed.

Importance of Sudama Temple

Sudama Temple attracts a number of tourists particularly the newly married Rajput Kshatriya couples who not only visit the place to confess their sins but also to seek blessings for a happy living in future.

Best time to visit: The best time to visit is between November and February.

How to get there

By Road: The city also has ample state and private bus services from major connections in the state.

By Rail: The city also has a railway station from major connections in the state.

By Air: Porbandar has a domestic airport which has reasonable connectivity to cities in India.

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