Sursagar Lake

Sursagar Lake also known as the Chand Talao is a lake situated in middle of the city of Vadodara in the State of Gujarat in India. The lake was rebuilt with stone masonry in the 18th Century. The water in this lake remains in it for the whole year. A concrete wall surrounds the lake on which the people use to sit. A 120 feet (37 m) tall statue of lord Shiva built by Vadodara mahanagar Seva Sadan stands in the middle of the lake. There are many underwater gates in the lake which empty the lake if it overflows. The water from the lake empties in the Vishvamitra River. The lake was used for boating. The statue of Shiva is lit with lights on Mahashivratri.

As of 2015, boating has been prohibited in the lake for various issues.

The lake is known for a large number of suicides which occur yearly. Between January and October 2014, 15 suicides were reported to the authorities, who attribute the lake’s isolation and seclusion make it a choice destination for suicides.

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