Tulsi Shyam Temple

About The Place: Tulsi Shyam Temple is a tourist center that is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Situated in the Una sub-district of the Junagadh District, the temple is found in the center of Gir and lies about 30 km from the Una Town. Known peculiarly for its great scenic beauty, the temple has beautiful hot water springs which are referred to as ‘Taptodak’ in the Puranas. Legend says that Lord Shri Krishna killed the demon named Tul and hence the place is associated with his name along with the name of Krishna as Shyama and is hence called the Tulsi Shyam Temple.

This temple is believed to be seven hundred years old. In order to reach here, you need to climb 100 steep steps to the top.

Historical Context: The statue of Tulsi Shyam here is believed to be some 3000 years old.

This place is very famous for the hot springs in the state. Tulsi Shyam is located on the Dhari-Una roadside in the Gir forest surroundings. This is a historical and also a peaceful place located amongst natural environment and in a small but dense forest. There are three hot water springs at the location. The first is filled with hot water, in the second the water is hotter and the third spring has hot boiling water. The water is filled with natural sulphur. According to the Puranas, this region is refererred to as ‘Taptodak’, where you can take a dip in the springs. Legend says that Lord Krishna eliminated the demon called Tul and so the place is associated with his name along with that of Krishna as Shyam and is thus called Tulsishyam. You can also visit a 700 years old The Rukmani Devi Temple nearby Tulsi Shyam. It has over 100 steps to temple so its difficult for elders. Private and state transport buses are available to reach here. If you want to stay overnight, you can stay in government guest house. Food is also available there. You should be in your room before 9 am and after 6 pm as its a forest and wild animals like lions etc. roaming around.

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