Best Time to Visit Gujarat

Like any other vibrant region of India, Gujarat has plenty to offer the eager traveller, opening up its treasured past and bejewelled attractions to all those who visit it. If you are planning a trip to this state in Western India, November to February is the best time to visit Gujarat. The weather is pleasant and the warm sun makes the perfect companion when you are outdoors heading from one sightseeing spot to another in the nippy air. Gujarat during winter is the perfect holiday destination.After winter, the next best climate to visit Gujarat is the monsoon, from July to September. The land bursts with colour and it is joyful to traipse along lush green roads as one takes in the beauty of the state. Be warned; the monsoon has been known to play spoilsport as well. If it’s raining heavily, it might come in the way of you being able to go out and explore to your heart’s content.

Gujarat in Winter

Winter is also the best time to explore Gujarat, as the temperature is just right for sightseeing and walking around the region. With a minimum of 12 degrees and a maximum of 29 degree Celsius, you can be sure never to have to worry about it becoming uncomfortable. What brings you to Gujarat? Perhaps it is the wildlife in Gir National Park that appeals to you.

The festivities embody a celebration of life and the rich culture of the Kutch and Gujarati people.

You might think Gujarat will have mild winters. But it can get nippy at night, so carry enough woollens with you.

Gujarat in Monsoon

Gujarat in the monsoon is a beautiful place. While the rainfall itself varies from region to region, it does quench the thirst of the land, leaving it breathtakingly scenic. The rain is moderate to heavy across the state, and it comes and goes with irregularity. The Gulf of Cambay and the Saurashtra region receive scanty rainfall.

The festival, held at Tanetar village near Thangadh, spans for three days and has something for every member of the family.Finally, the festival that everyone has been waiting for is here! Navratri is everything it promises to be and more. This 9-day festival of dance and traditions is a peek into the bright and colourful culture of Gujarat.

Always carry an umbrella with you as you never know when it might rain.

Gujarat in Summers

Summer is a great time to experience Holi, India’s festival of colours. It is celebrated with as much enthusiasm in Gujarat as it is in the rest of India. It marks the agriculture season and it time for festivities and great cheer. Bonfires are lit the previous night to signify the victory of good over evil. Dancing, music and lots of delicious food mark the event.

The beautifully decorated temple is a sight to behold and so are the people dressed in their traditional attire. Do not leave Gujarat without feasting at the famous mango festival. With over 1000 varieties of sweet and juicy mangoes to sample, you really can’t afford to miss festival held at Sasan Gir, Junagadh.

The weather can get very dry. Keep rehydrating yourself. Wear sunblock and carry an umbrella when you step out during the day. The hot summer sun can be harsh.