Barda Hills Wildlife Sanctuary

About The Location: Hardly 15 km. from the coast of Porbandar town of Porbandar district, the hilly forest of Barda is standing against the salinity ingress in the region. This area was declared as sanctuary in February’ 1979.

The sanctuary having a forest area of 192.31 sq. km. is relatively small in extent. However, it is characteristically abundant in floral diversity, which consists of a good number of medicinal plants. In fact, very high percentage of rare and endangered plants occurring in the area is an important component of the sanctuary. The area falls into two erstwhile princely states of the history i.e. Rana Barda, where Ranas of Porbandar ruled once upon a time and Jam Barda, where the rule of Jamsaheb of Jamnagar prevailed. The ethnic races such as Maldharis, Bharvads, Rabaris and Gadhvis live in this region of Saurashtra.

Flora:The area has maximum floral diversity in the state (650 plant species). Gorad, Babul, Dhav, Rayan, Ber, Jamun, Amli, Dhudhlo, Bamboo etc.

Fauna:Sambar, chital and chinkara were present in the Sanctuary in recent past and therefore they can be re-introduced, as the habitat is quite suitable for these wild ungulates. This would create a good prey-base for a big carnivore like leopard. The soil and moisture conservation works can improve the water regime in the area and will have positive effect on the vegetation and the habitat and therefore more such works should be prescribed. Barda should also be considered for introduction of the Asiatic lion as it is considered as second home of this big carnivore. It is necessary to prepare a comprehensive management plan for Barda Sanctuary. To develop Barda as second home for Asiatic lion the State Government implemented ‘Gir-Barda Project’ from 1979.

How to get there

By Road: The city also has ample state and private bus services from major connections in the state.

By Rail: The city also has a railway station from major connections in the state.

By Air: Porbandar has a domestic airport which has reasonable connectivity to cities in India.

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