Sarkheswar Beach

Sarkeshwar Beach in Gujarat is located in the southern tip of Saurashtra region of Gujarat. This pristine sea beach is almost close to the border of Union territory of India, Diu.

Sarkeshwar beach is situated on the south-western part of Jaffrabad town, Amreli at a distance of approximately 10 kilometres. It is situated near the southern tip of Saurashtra region.

The geographical landform of Sarkeshwar beach is of sandy and rocky type. This place generally consists of loosely packed particles which are often composed of rock particles like cobblestones, pebbles, shingle, gravel or sand. At times, Sarkeshwar beach of Gujarat is also made from biological origins like coralline algae fragments or shell fragments.

The stony beach of Sarkeshwar beach is sometimes referred to be undiscovered, undefined, undeveloped or undeclared. The wild and virgin beach of Sarkeshwar is highly treasured for their untouched scenic beauty. This sea beach and perfectly preserved nature.

This is a calm beach with rich quality of sand. The colour of water is turquoise. The water in Sarkeshwar Beach is shallow for some distance inside the sea with very mild currents which is very conductive for water related sports activities. The beach gives a very attractive backdrop of the beautiful Arabian Sea.

Sarkeshwar beach of Gujarat is easily accessible from Saurashtra and Diu, the Indian Union Territory. Sarkeshwar beach of Gujarat has got good connectivity.

Sarkeshwar beach of Gujarat allures a good number of both national and international tourists. The main attraction of this beach (Sarkeshwar beach of Gujarat) is the peace and solitary atmosphere.

There are many tourist attraction sites near Sarkeshwar beach of Gujarat. The tourist exploration sites near to this beach are Amreli, Shreenathji Haveli, Gayatri temple, Nagnath temple, Machundari Dam, Doneshwar Mahadev temple in Dron village near Gir Gadhda, Kankai, Gir National Park, Delvada, Una and Tulsi-Shyam. Near the coastline of Sarkeshwar beach of Gujarat, there are many Jain, Muslims and Hindu temples which act as a pilgrimage tourism spot of Gujarat.

To reach Sarkeshwar beach, the railways, roadways, and airways are easily available. The nearest railway station to reach Sarkeshwar Beach is at Delwada which is approximately 15 km from this beach.

How to get there

By Road: Private and state bus services are available from different junctions in the state.

By Rail: The town has a railway station that is connected to major cities in Gujarat.

By Air: The closest airports to Junagadh are Keshod (40 km) Porbandar (104 km) and Rajkot (105.3 km).

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